Institute for a Progressive Nevada educates, empowers and engages Nevadans to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.
Our legal entity is Institute for a Progressive Nevada a 501(c)3 organization. Donations to Institute for a Progressive Nevada may be tax-deductible.

Our Board

Carolina Chacon - Chair

Carolina Chacon joined Battle Born Progress in 2012, eager to help advance progressive values throughout the state. Born in Chile but raised in Las Vegas, Carolina is a Nevadan at heart. Since her days attending the University of Nevada, Reno, she has focused her work on promoting human rights and social justice through online media and grassroots activism. Carolina has worked with the digital team Obama for America, the President’s re-election campaign, and served as the Director of Public Relations and Events at Ramirez Group.

Wendy Starkweather

As an active and thoughtful citizen of the world, I am interested in sharing the knowledge and skills I have gained over a lifetime of experience as a student, librarian, mother, traveler, hiker, reader, museum/orchestra/theater-goer, aspiring landscape photographer, and, more recently, grass roots volunteer. I am a proponent of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society’s motto, “Let the love of learning rule humanity.” and am often guided by Proust’s famous quote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” As a member of the Institute for a Progressive Nevada Board, I enjoy contributing my time, talent and perspective to the strategic promotion of progressive causes in our state.

Erika Washington

Erika Washington moved to the Las Vegas valley more than seven years ago and instantly integrated herself into the community. Working for many years as a journalist for the only African American newspaper in the state of Nevada she was able to understand the inner workings of Nevada politics.

Currently she serves as the Campaign Communications Specialist for the Service Employee’s International Union. Where she oversees both internal and external communications for one of the fastest growing union’s in the country. When she’s not working to fight for progressive initiatives she spends her time with her three daughters, drinking coffee and discovering good books.

Marian Russ

Originally from Alabama, Marian has called Nevada home for nearly two decades. A political junkie from birth, Marian got her start canvassing as a high school student with MoveOn.org. After learning the basics of organizing, Marian spent several years working as a political consultant in DC, before returning home to Nevada to fundraise for a number of political campaigns and non-profit organizations. Marian joined the Institute for a Progressive Nevada because she wants to help make her home state a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. She currently lives in North Las Vegas with her husband, Chris, and her puppy, Onyx.