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Building a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.

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About IPN

Since 2009, IPN has focused on local and state issues in the Silver State. As a progressive non-partisan organization, we believe civic education must have its foundation in vetted and fact-based research.

Better Policy for Nevada

As policies and issues affecting Nevada arise, we work quickly to turn Nevadans into issue experts and to educate them in civic discourse. We know information shared at the local level pushes progress at the state and federal levels. This is what drives us to be first at reaching Nevadans with reliable and educational information about progressive Nevada issues.

The Nevada Way

Research and civic education efforts at IPN touch on nearly every Nevada-related policy or issue. In 2018 we’re working on public lands, the Affordable Care Act, and social justice. Re-energized by student actions, we’re doubling our focus on gun violence prevention. We’re also engaging Nevadans with information that highlights Federal Courts and why they matter.