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Civic Engagement and Voting Rights

.As a progressive non-partisan organization, we believe civic education must have its foundation in vetted and fact-based research. As policies and issues affecting Nevada (and the people in it) arise, we work quickly to turn Nevadans into issue experts and to educate them in civic discourse in order to make progress on voting rights and overall civic engagement. We know information shared at the local level pushes progress at the state and federal levels. This is what drives us to be first at reaching Nevadans with reliable and educational information about progressive Nevada issues.

Climate and Clean Energy

It is past time that we do something about or changing climate and the threats it poses. Our organization is committed to being part of the solution and ensure solutions are equitable. Through strategic communications and outreach, we work to continue progress on clean energy and climate policy.

Environment and Public Lands

We have long worked to educate Nevadans about the economic, cultural, and social benefits of Nevada’s Public Lands and the need to protect our open spaces, wildlife habitat, and natural heritage.

Gun Violence Prevention

Nevada continues to be a focus of the gun violence prevention movement because of the October 1, 2017 tragedy. We have worked on this issue since before that tragic date and continue to work in pushing our elected officials at the national and local level to address this issue and make policy changes to prevent another massacre from happening again and overall reduce gun violence in our communities.

Health Care and COVID Relief

The global pandemic we are experiencing has proposed new challenges and goals for or work to ensure our communities are healthy: large-scale COVID relief, recovery and stimulus proposals that address long-standing inequities, expand healthcare, and the social safety net. We work in protecting, expanding and improving health care, guaranteeing increased access to reproductive health services, expanding access to public programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP, addressing health disparities and lowering the price of prescription medicines—currently the fastest growing cost of any healthcare good or service.

Want to help us make progress in Nevada on these issues and more?