STATEMENT regarding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch - Institute for a Progressive Nevada
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STATEMENT regarding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch


LAS VEGAS – Today, the United States Senate used the nuclear option to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court. Battle Born Progress leads a statewide coalition called Nevadans for Judicial Progress. Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus issued the following statement:

“Today, Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to a lifetime seat on the United States Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch will take us back to a time where America was anti-women, anti-worker and anti-LGBTQI*, and move us into an era where we see more corporate greed, more money in politics, and special interest groups in our political system. He has a record of ruling with corporations over everyday American’s, and he will continue this trend on the highest court in our land.

Senator Dean Heller is directly responsible for the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. Senator Heller has voted to confirm all of Trump’s nominations, thus proving that he is in lockstep with the right wing radicals in the White House. To make matters worse, Senator Dean Heller met with me last year to tell me he would not meet with Chief Judge Merrick Garland because he was not on the Judiciary Committee, yet he took the time to meet with Judge Gorsuch and has been a champion for him. This proves the hypocrisy of Senator Dean Heller – Judge Garland was more qualified, more moderate and a consensus pick, yet Senator Heller chose to put party politics over Nevadans. Once again, we are deeply disappointed in Senator Heller, and we would like to remind him that 2018 is around the corner and we will not forget his vote on this critical issue.” 


About Nevadans for Judicial Progress: Nevadans for Judicial Progress is a coalition of organizations and individuals convened by the Institute for a Progressive Nevada/Battle Born Progress and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada with the support of Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress.

These following 5 principles convey our goals:

  • Ensuring a fully staffed judiciary so justice is not delayed.
  • Bringing diversity of thought and background to our federal courts.
  • Keeping our judges accountable on the issues that matter to Nevadans.
  • Educating Nevadans on the importance of the courts in our day-to-day lives.
  • Uncovering procedural delays on judicial confirmation processes.