Release: Treasurer Conine, State Senator Brooks Hold Listening Tour Event Honoring Nevada Public Lands Week - Institute for a Progressive Nevada
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Release: Treasurer Conine, State Senator Brooks Hold Listening Tour Event Honoring Nevada Public Lands Week

Release: Treasurer Conine, State Senator Brooks Hold Listening Tour Event Honoring Nevada Public Lands Week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2021

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Treasurer Conine, State Senator Brooks Hold Listening Tour Event Honoring Nevada Public Lands Week 

**Link to Video Recording**

Access Code: #PLW21Tour

NEVADA –  Nevada’s environmental leaders, activists, and organizations held an interactive town hall meeting with State Treasurer Zach Conine and State Senator Chris Brooks as part of the administration’s Nevada Recovers Listening Tour, to discuss how federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds may be spent caring for Nevada’s tribal and public lands, wildlife, and outdoor recreation areas. 

Treasurer Conine spoke with participants on the call about the state’s plan for spending American Rescue Plan funds and opportunities for directing some of the funds into conservation projects around the state. Senator Brooks also emphasized Nevada’s role of land use and environmental protection in Nevada’s recovery, in both supporting the outdoor recreation industry and the transition to clean transportation and energy. 

“The State of Nevada has received an unprecedented amount of money from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan,” said Treasurer Zach Conine. “We have a sacred obligation to make sure these dollars are invested effectively, and I’m hopeful that Nevada’s public lands advocates will help us build the State that we all deserve.”

“The responsible development of our renewable energy resources on Nevada’s public lands represents the greatest opportunity for economic diversification that we have,” said Senator Chris Brooks. “We can fight the climate crisis while creating great jobs and economic growth at the same time.”

“Nevadans recognize the historic, scenic, and economic value of our public lands and understand its critical role in the fight against the climate crisis. That’s why our state was the first in the nation to pass an ambitious conservation resolution preserving 30 percent of our state’s lands and waters by the year 2030 to confront the current extinction, climate, and biodiversity crises devastating our ecosystems,” said Nevada Conservation League Deputy Director Verna Mandez. “ARP funding will be necessary in helping us reach our 30 by 30 goal by advancing various conservation projects across the state, including the establishment of the proposed Avi Kwa Ame national monument. We are grateful to Treasurer Conine and Senator Brooks for opening the discussion on opportunities to restore pride in our outdoor spaces and ensure Nevada can remain leaders in public lands conservation in the West.” 

The American Rescue Plan is essential to Nevada getting back on its feet. With the billions in investment from the federal government coming into our state, it’s crucial that we remember to care for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we live in,” said Anwar Green, Southern Nevada Organizer with Institute for a Progressive Nevada. “Many of us looked to the outdoors to stay active and find peace throughout the pandemic. The ARP can help with maintaining our parks and trails to keep these areas beautiful and thriving for future generations. It also supports our outdoor recreation industry, which brings in $12.5 billion dollars every year and supports 87,000 jobs right here in Nevada. We thank Treasurer Conine and Senator Brooks for participating in this important conversation on how Nevada’s recovery is tied inextricably to our conservation efforts.”

Spokespeople in Spanish or English are available for individual interviews.