Nonpartisan Voter Guide Launched Ahead of Early Voting in the 2024 Primary Election - Institute for a Progressive Nevada
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Nonpartisan Voter Guide Launched Ahead of Early Voting in the 2024 Primary Election

Nonpartisan Voter Guide Launched Ahead of Early Voting in the 2024 Primary Election


CONTACTS: Amber Falgout,

Nonpartisan Voter Guide Launched Ahead of Early Voting in the 2024 Primary Election

NEVADA – Silver State Voices and Institute for a Progressive Nevada joined together to complete a nonpartisan voter guide that is available to all Nevada voters as they head to the polls for the 2024 Primary Election. Early voting starts tomorrow, May 25th, 2024 in the Nevada Primary. The VoteSmartNV guide launched on May 21st ahead of the start of Early Voting. The nonpartisan voter guide features candidate responses to community-driven questions. This project is fully nonpartisan. Voters can access the guide online before heading to the polls to get information on where to vote, when to vote and to see responses from candidates on a host of issues impacting Nevada voters. 

“We are proud to once again launch the nonpartisan voter guide, VoteSmartNV, for the June 2024 primary election. This guide is a useful and necessary tool for Nevada voters to inform themselves about who is on the ballot, where they stand on issues important to their communities, and general election information,” said Emily Persaud-Zamora, Executive Director of Silver State Voices. “Over the past five years, the Nevada Legislature has passed multiple voting rights policies to expand access and modernize election administration. We are excited to see these policies in place this presidential election year and hope to see increased interest and turnout from Nevada voters, particularly those from historically marginalized communities. We see as a vital resource for voters as they decide on the candidates and issues that reflect their needs and values in the upcoming primary election.”

“As Nevadans head to polling locations tomorrow for the first day of Early Vote in the 2024 June Primary, we hope our nonpartisan voter guide is a useful tool that will help people as they find locations to vote and learn more about candidates,” said Institute for a Progressive Nevada Executive Director, Shelbie Swartz. “We are proud that launched earlier this week ahead of early voting beginning. This year, our guide provides key details on where folks can vote, how they can vote, and responses for numerous candidates. These candidate responses have been compiled over the past few weeks and result from community-driven questions given to candidates. Our goal with this is to ensure the community has an opportunity to ask questions about issues that are important to them. We sincerely hope this guide helps all Nevada voters and makes casting their ballot easier.”

Click here to access the 2024 VoteSmartNV Voter Guide

About This is a non-partisan voter guide – all candidates who have filed for the offices listed were asked to submit answers to the same set of questions. All candidates who responded have their answers listed, unedited, on the voter guide website. We do not support, oppose or endorse any candidate, campaign, or political party. 

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