Local Groups Celebrate National Voter Registration Day With Community Events Across the State   - Institute for a Progressive Nevada
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Local Groups Celebrate National Voter Registration Day With Community Events Across the State  

Local Groups Celebrate National Voter Registration Day With Community Events Across the State  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2022

CONTACTS: Will Pregman, wpregman@battlebornprogress.org, 702.752.0656

Local Groups Celebrate National Voter Registration Day With Community Events Across the State 

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NEVADA – In honor of National Voter Registration Day various community education groups across Nevada held events in celebration of this important day. Many of the events were designed to engage community members in the voting process and to celebrate people registering to vote. At a perilous time in our country, community members were refreshed to have drinks, food, and even some educational opportunities at some of the events held yesterday.   

Groups participating included Silver State Voices, Institute for a Progressive Nevada, Chispa Nevada, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Las Vegas Indian Center, Faith Organizing Alliance, and the Asian Community Development Council. 

Highlights of National Voter Registration Day: 

  • An event at the Parole & Probation department in Clark County, Nevada saw advocates register formerly incarcerated people. This is a success and one of the main highlights as it demonstrates the reason for celebrating National Voter Registration Day.
  • The Las Vegas Indian Center hosted an event to register voters that included Indian Tacos and educational information about registering to vote. This was a wonderful event to assist local community members register to vote. 

Emily Persaud-Zamora, Executive Director of Silver State Voices, said. “On the 10 year anniversary of National Voter Registration Day we held events in Reno and Las Vegas while making a collective push for Nevadans to register to vote, either in person or online. We registered historically disenfranchised communities through events right in our backyard, on campuses, and online, prioritizing accessibility and empowerment through information. We understand that outreach to historically disenfranchised communities will help alleviate the barriers which cause folks to miss registration deadlines, not update their registration, or believe they don’t have the right to register.

Our partners put a lot of effort into making sure these events were fun, inclusive, and educational. We know that participation in democracy is a crucial part of ensuring its success. The first step to participation is registering to vote. Yesterday we celebrated and honored registering Nevadans to vote.”

For the 10th anniversary of National Voter Registration it was heartening to see so many people register to vote in person or online at various events in Las Vegas,said Institute for a Progressive Nevada, Voter Education Organizer Brian Harris. It was so great to see that so many folks can come together to stress the importance of voter registration yesterday. The great work that we have continuously been seeing from our partner organizations is nothing short of amazing and hopefully, it inspires a lot of young people to get involved in the electoral process. Yesterday was a fun, inclusive, and celebratory day that provided community members with access to registering to vote. Civic engagement can be both fun and important. Yesterday demonstrated the commitment of our partner organizations and community members to participate in our democracy. ”

“Yesterday, Chispa was honored to join in the National Voter Registration Day celebration with communities nationwide to highlight the importance of being up to date with one’s voter registration, and how crucial it is for our Vegas community to be engaged in this election year,” said Guillermo Barahona, Civic Engagement Director, Chispa Nevada. “Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and to all those who registered to vote yesterday!”