**VIDEO INCLUDED** Voting Rights Advocates Discuss Election Protection, Election Day and the Process Following Election Day - Institute for a Progressive Nevada
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**VIDEO INCLUDED** Voting Rights Advocates Discuss Election Protection, Election Day and the Process Following Election Day

**VIDEO INCLUDED** Voting Rights Advocates Discuss Election Protection, Election Day and the Process Following Election Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 7th, 2022

Contact: Will Pregman, wpregman@battlebornprogress.org, (702) 752-0656


Voting Rights Advocates Discuss Election Protection, Election Day and the Process Following Election Day

**Link to Photo & Video**

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Today, local advocates and organizations gathered to discuss Election Day, the Election Protection Program, and what voters can expect in the next week. With mail ballots being a popular option for voters, results may take longer to be tabulated. Speakers reassured voters that this is a sign our system is working. The Election Protection program will be in full swing tomorrow for Election Day. Speakers highlighted the importance of ensuring all eligible voters are able to cast their ballot in this election cycle.  

Groups and speakers on the call issued the following statements:

Emily Persaud-Zamora, Executive Director of Silver State Voices, said:

“Election Day is the last day for Nevada voters to make their voices heard at the polls for the 2022 midterm elections. If voting by mail, it is crucial that voters return their mail ballots appropriately: sign their return envelopes and then ensure it is postmarked or returned at a designated drop-off location by Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. Voters should also look out for communications from their election department via a physical letter, on the occasion that they need to address an issue with their mail ballot, such as a missing signature. On Election Day, our Election Protection program is poised to monitor issues at polling locations to ensure that Nevada voters have no obstacles while exercising their right to vote.

While Election Day marks voters’ last chance to cast their ballots, the work continues for county registrars, clerks, and election workers to ensure all votes are counted. Today is Election Hero Day, and we agree–Nevada’s election workers are heroes. We cannot thank them enough for ensuring Nevada’s voters can participate in our democracy. “

Kerry Durmick, Nevada State Director of All Voting Is Local, said:

“Voters can still vote in person on Election Day as long as they are in line by 7:00 PM. If a voter is in line by 7:00 PM they will be allowed to vote no matter how long the line is. It’s important that voters stay in line so they can make their voices heard. It’s crucial voters stay in line tomorrow! We can make our voices heard by exercising our right to vote. Election protection volunteers will be out in the community to help make sure things go smoothly. After Election Day it is the new normal to experience a longer time getting results. This means the system is working! It takes time to count ballots and we know voting by mail has become a popular option for Nevadans as it is easy and accessible. Just remember, Elections Day isn’t results day. When you come out to vote, you’ll probably see election protection volunteers, who are on the ground making sure that everyone who can vote is able to vote. As an election protection volunteer myself, it’s been great to see how smoothly the election is running and how election workers work really hard to resolve voter issues so that everyone can vote.”

Yesenia Castro, Administrative Coordinator for the Las Vegas Indian Center, said:

“This election, we have seen our local election officials be increasingly responsive to the needs of Native voters, thanks to policies that have expanded and strengthened the freedom to vote. 

This includes offering automatic and same-day voter registration, allowing for vote centers to be set up on Tribal government buildings and areas where Nevada’s Indigenous communities live. 

We are grateful for the work of the State Voices table and our Nevada election officials for working to make voting as simple as possible, while also making it secure and performing the necessary outreach to all communities in the state. We want to make sure that each voice is heard, which is why we believe that every eligible vote must be counted. We urge patience and verification before anyone reports on or claims a certain result prematurely. We look forward to ensuring that this election continues to be a fair and free process and are proud of the work we’ve done to engage Native voters into the process.” 

Eric Jeng, Director of Outreach, for Asian Community Development Council, said: 

“ACDC has been working to educate AAPI community members about the importance of voting and how the process works. We also worked with AVL and the Culinary Union to create a sample ballot translated into Mandarin Chinese and distribute it to our local community. This election, like any other, is critically important to our community. We want to ensure that all voters have the opportunity to participate if they are eligible. We believe strongly that by expanding access, knowledge, and opportunity for AAPI Nevadans to vote will help make our state an even better place to live. AAPI Nevadans are the fastest growing population in the state, and our work helps ensure their voices are counted.”

Notes: Spokespeople in Spanish or English are available for individual interviews.